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Breakbulk 2000MT steel pipes from Indonesia to Vietnam


Art Sculptures Project Management to Sentosa

For the first time in Southeast Asia, renowned recycling artist #ThomasDambo is bringing his enormous art sculptures into Singapore.

Spanning 3.55m in height and 4.5m in length, these giants require professional and cautious handling to be transported safely into Sentosa. The large dimensions, weight and constraints on Sentosa island require careful planning and project management for a smooth operation.

We are pleased to announce that we had safely escorted them into Sentosa. #ExplorersofSentosa are now on display at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach from December 2022 to end 2024.

Time Sensitive Anime Figurine for Singapore Music Party Event 

Received a midnight call from a client requesting for this figurine to be air flown in at short notice for a music party event in Singapore. Due to the fragile nature of the cargo, careful planning and packing is required. We activated our team to collect this at origin, custom made a crate and ensure that this figurine was sufficiently packed and ready to be exported by air all within a Sunday. After the party had ended in the wee hours of the morning, we assisted in moving the figurine into a safe place for transportation to client’s place the next day.

When duty calls, we go above and beyond to deliver care, deliver excellence, and deliver satisfaction. Putting a smile on your face puts one on ours too.

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Collectible Automobiles Shipping

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