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Store Manager

Supply Chain Management

Each business has its own features and thus demands specific requirements for logistics and supply chain management (SCM), together with the customer, we create and implement solutions that fit the specific needs in different industrial environment.

Outsourcing logistics and related supply chain activities can help business to focus on its competencies and devote limited resources to core areas, Infeight's supply chain solutions aim at creating added value and making contributions toward our customer's success, especially for small and medium sized business and regional brands.


  • PO management,

  • Transportation Management

  • Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • Supplier / Carrier Management

  • Data Visibility

  • Global Distribution

  • Value Added Services

  • Supply Chain Finance


Compared to big international services providers, our supply chain solutions are easier to access, more flexible in implementation, faster response to the changing markets, while require less initial investment.


Our dedicated account manager and customer service team always strives for operational excellence to exceed our customers’ expectations


As a committed long-term partner, we manage orders from pick up to delivery, our teams at origin and destination can help you optimize each shipment for cost, route, or transit time.

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