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Ocean Freight

Our diverse trade-lanes provide a broad portfolio of services, we move freight between major international gateways and trade centers through our global network of branches and agents.

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Customs Clearance

Infreight Logistics specializes in major activities of customs clearance, we clear goods through Customs, Quarantine and Inspection Authority and Tax Bureaus and provide professional services and expert advice. 

Door Delivery

Ecommerce Logistics

On the foundation of Infreight's global network and hands-on experience in the international logistics, we are able to provide door to door services to almost every ecommerce fulfillment centers worldwide.

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Air Freight

At Infreight, we understand what is crucial involved with airfreight; when our customers decided to move the freight by air, they are paying a premium for the expedited service to meet certain deadline. 

Warehouse Shelves


Infreight provides both bonded and general warehousing to accommodate to different import/export/transit needs.

We use modern equipment to ensure a safe and fast handling of your goods and up-to-date IT system to guarantee inventory and data accuracy.

Delivery Men

Exhibition Logistics & International Relocation

Infreight handles your exhibition cargo with care, we provide end-to-end logistics support to organizers, exhibitors and stand builders.


Rail Freight

Rail freight services provide an alternative and competitive means of shipping, with its cost and transit-time falls between air and sea transportation.

Modern Container Terminal

Projects Logistics

Projects and special cargo is always challenging and requires professional skills and close attention in the whole operations, with our hands-on experience in this segment, Infreight expert team works with you from end to end to ensure your cargo is shipped safely and smoothly.

Inventory Checking

Supply Chain Management

Each business has its own features and thus demands specific requirements for logistics and supply chain management (SCM), together with the customer, we create and implement solutions that fit the specific needs in different industrial environment.



Embracing the core concept of ‘deliver care, deliver excellence’, Interfreight is a fast-growing brand built on the vision of providing customers and partners with continuous and consistent loving care.

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