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Air Freight

At Infreight, we understand what is crucial involved with airfreight; when our customers decided to move the freight by air, they are paying a premium for the expedited service to meet certain deadline. Our airfreight team strive every step of the way to complete each shipment as planned, our goal is to ensure safe and timely delivery of your most important shipments.


We have been in close partnerships with major airlines and their agents, which allows Infreight to offer consistent and quality airfreight services. We are able to provide our customer with secured space allocations, competitive rates as well as a choice of routes. We offer the flexibility to meet various requirements on transit time while allowing you to manage the costs effectively.

  • Door to Door Service

  • Outsized Cargo

  • Overweight Cargo

  • International Express

  • FBA Air & Express

  • Pick-up and Delivery

  • Combined Air-Sea Service

  • Security and Insurance

Over the years, we have demonstrated our ability to serve the diverse needs of our customers ranging from individual ecommerce sellers in SOHO to top 500 fortune companies in metropolitan area. 


Infreight’s dedicated airfreight team ensures your freight is handled with the utmost care. Guided by our core value to deliver care and deliver excellence, we view ourselves as not just a service provider, but a valuable business partner.

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